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April 2018 Z-Series Update

Firmware Version: 2.8.13 / Z7+ 1.2.28

MYTVOnline Version: 1.9.24

Updated Models: All Formuler Z-Series

The April 2018 Z-Series software update has been released and is ready for immediate download.

This update brings many new features and improvements that were requested from the community.

Thank you to all the supporters and beta testers for making this release possible.

Reboot your Z-Series device now to receive the automatic OTA updates.

Release Notes:

Formuler Z-Series Firmware Version 2.8.13 / Z7+ 1.2.28

  • Fixed 'Stuck in Standby mode' issue.

  • exFAT external storage bug fixed.

  • Added programmable hotkey feature. System - Hotkey

  • Added new System Update app.

  • Added drivers for Playstation Dualshock4 controller.

  • Added support for USB3.0 Gigabit Ethernet adapter. (RTL8152/RTL8153)

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

​​MYTVOnline Version 1.9.24

  • TV Series section added.

  • EPG downloading speed improved.

  • Black screen issue patched. (Z7+)

  • Fixed VOD playback issues with certain servers.

  • Z7+ PVR performance improved.

  • Long recording file playback issues fixed.

  • Fixed playback of multi-part recorded files larger than 4GB

  • Username/Password login issue fixed.

  • Empty Channel List - Server login issue fixed.

  • Added xtreamcodes API and M3u playlist support. (Work-in-progress)

  • Mapped keyboard F7 key to EPG.

  • Fixed UDP stream recording issue.

  • Fixed old HLS Startmode issue on Z7+.

  • Event reminders patched.

  • Various portal issues patched.

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

New Language Support Added:

  • Polish - polszczyzna

  • Lithuanian - lietuvių kalba

Translation Improved:

  • Russian - русский

  • French - Français

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