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February Z-Series Software Update

Formuler is ready to announce the next software update for Formuler Z-Series products.

Many requested improvements and new features are available with this release.

Reboot your device now to receive the OTA updates.

Full release notes are below:

Formuler IPTV Firmware Version 2.7.28

  • Fixed issue where certain installed apps disappeared after reboot

  • Fixed issue where app shortcut would disappear after upgrading the app

  • Improved group/page navigation in Launcher UX

  • Improved appearance of group edit icons in Launcher

  • Added ability to connect to user-defined app markets

  • Installer Mode: Enable/Disable Play Store

  • Installer Mode: Enable/Disable MYTVOnline autostart

MYTVOnline Version 1.4.0

  • Fixed event information not displayed when zapping with the CH UP/DN buttons on the RCU

  • Fixed freezing issue when switching between portals

  • Fixed audio sync issue when switching audio tracks

  • Fixed VOD playback on certain services

  • Fixed VOD subtitle display for external subtitle files

  • Improved Info Banner design - Better layout and more information displayed

  • Larger Channel Name, Now/Next Event displayed, Buffer Health, and more!

  • Improved channel icon image quality

  • Added A/V Buffering time control. Access from Settings >> Buffer Time

  • This setting controls the amount of time taken when buffering from an underrun condition

  • Added advanced channel recall list.

  • Press BACK on the RCU to recall last channel

  • Hold BACK to view the channel history list

  • Added TV event reminder and alarm feature.

  • Access from the single EPG or the grid EPG

  • Added detailed info box to Live TV.

  • Press INFO button twice to display detailed event information (when available from the server)

  • Added VOD Filter & Sorting. Filter by First Letter, Genre, Year

  • General stability and speed enhancements

  • User interface improvements

New Language Support Added:

  • Portuguese - Português (Portugal)

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