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Noticias sobre FORMULER

January 2020 Formuler Z8 Software Update

Firmware Version: v1.4.53

MYTVOnline 2 Version: v7.6.3

Hello folks,

Happy New Year!

We wish all Formuler fans fun and joy with us through the year.

Guess what? WE ARE BACK with a new software release for Formuler Z8 TODAY!

These release notes provide the most up-to-date information about the update. So, what is new?

The first feature you will notice is Network Attached Storage (a.k.a. NAS). This feature will allow you literally unlimited capacity for tons of recording files. Please find more information about how to use in the article from Formuler Forum (Link:

PIP Swap must be a great add for many fans. Now, you can easily swap a main and PIP channels by pressing and holding the red hotkey button on the remote control. Let your thumb switching two live channels on TV screen easily and instantly.

New features on VOD also must be what most fans have been waiting for. Now, VOD favorites, recent watched list, resume playback and video progress bar are available. Furthermore, you can use VOD seek bar by D-Pad on the remote control.

Besides, there are other features and improvements available on this update so please check out and install this update to bring exciting features and more stable functionality

Download the OTA software updates directly from your device using the built-in software update app.

Release Notes:

Firmware Version: 1.4.53

Fixes and Improvements

ㆍADD: Mount Network Attached Storage (NAS)

- Access from the new home screen widget

ㆍADD: Launcher notification icons for VPN, USB storage and NAS storage

ㆍIMP: Android Security Patch Level Update > November 2019

ㆍFIX: Temp fix for Disney+ app crash issue on vertical scroll

- Press CH UP/DOWN to scroll up and down inside the app

ㆍFIX: IPv6 ON/OFF bug

ㆍFIX: OK button in Automatic Shutdown Menu

ㆍCrash fixes

ㆍBug fixes and performance enhancements

MYTVOnline 2 Version: 7.6.3

New Features

ㆍADD: VOD Favorites

- Press and hold OK to toggle favorites

ㆍADD: VOD History

ㆍADD: PIP Swap

- Press and hold RED hotkey to swap

ㆍADD: API Portal > VOD Sort

ㆍADD: Refresh contents lists

ㆍADD: Receive portal messages

Fixes & Improvements

ㆍIMP: VOD seek bar

ㆍFIX: Parental PIN gets reset

ㆍFIX: Scheduled recording records a different channel

ㆍFIX: RTP URL playback issue

ㆍFIX: Cannot play certain VOD formats

ㆍFIX: Crash fixes

ㆍFIX: Missing Trailer button in API portal

ㆍFIX: m3u grouping issue with certain list formats

ㆍFIX: Channel number issue

ㆍFIX: EPG stops working after entering Standby mode

ㆍFIX: Cloud TS wrong channel playback issue

ㆍBug fixes and performance enhancements

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