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S-series Software Update - v1.5.2

Applicable Models: S Turbo, S Mini

Version 1.5.2

Download the latest S-series update from the Software Download menu.

Change Log

  • Added ability to start/stop Samba Share Daemon

  • Access from Android Settings Menu

  • Improved Network Settings UI/UX

  • Fixed WiFi disconnection issue after configuring from Android Settings WiFi menu.

  • Repeat keystroke when holding Channel UP/DOWN on RCU issue fixed.

  • Fixed random no-boot issue.

  • New Launcher now responds to mouse cursor commands and compatible with Air Sync Remote app.

  • YouTube updated with mouse cursor fix.

  • Download the new version from the market.

  • Improved on-screen keyboard readability

  • Favorite apps now synced between Classic and Modern Launchers

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