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S-series Software Update – v1.6.54

Applicable Models: S Turbo, S Mini

Version: v1.6.54

New firmware and software update for S-series devices has been released.

Download the latest S-series update from the Software Download menu in your device.

Firmware Version: v1.6.54

ㆍADD : C-BAND LNB 5150/5750 for single solution LNB's

ㆍADD : Multi satellite scan feature

ㆍADD : Weather widget revised

ㆍADD : Weather search by city names

ㆍADD : Delete, rename option in File Manager

ㆍADD : While scanning satellite, it will show the name of satellite

ㆍADD : Bluetooth and power mode shortcuts added to the main menu

ㆍIMP : File playlist browse, delete options

ㆍFIX : Bluetooth connectivity issues

ㆍFIX : Pause video in timeshift shows Service Error

ㆍFIX : TTX subtitle of IP channels not working

ㆍFIX : Device crashes when T2 signal is low

ㆍFIX : Force closing of certain APK

ㆍVarious bug fixes and performance improvements

MYTVOnline Version: v1.9.79

ㆍIMP : Increased refresh rate of detailed stream info

ㆍFIX : Radio channel streaming issue on certain portals

ㆍFIX : Episode playback issue on certain portals

ㆍFIX : Crashing issue when switching portals

ㆍFIX : Favorite list changes if m3u list is updated

ㆍFIX : Page scrolling issue in TV Series section

ㆍFIX : xmltv EPG parsing issue

ㆍFIX : Cell overlap issue in Program Guide

ㆍFIX : HLS VOD playback issue

ㆍFIX : Group Channel Numbering preference changes after applying Installer Mode config

ㆍFIX : Recording stops if stream buffers

ㆍFIX : m3u channel parsing issue

ㆍFIX : TV Series playback/seek issue

ㆍFIX : Favorite channels disappear when using Xtream Codes API

ㆍFIX : Timeshift file is created on USB even if Timeshift is set to OFF

ㆍFIX : HLS streams don't auto-recover after network instability

ㆍFIX : No sound issue when returns to SAT channel from mytvonline by IP/SAT button on RCU

ㆍFIX : Image retention issue after closing mytvonline and returning to SAT channel

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